When securing your venue, make sure it’s perfectly accessible for anyone who has limited mobility. Most venues are wheelchair accessible, but not all; especially non-traditional venues. Ask the right questions to ensure their experience isn’t affected. Tour your venue to make note of steps, overall spacing, accessible washroom location, gravel or grass areas, width of doorways, parking location, etc. - and adjust your plan as needed. Even if none of your guests currently require assistance, things change - so best to be prepared.

If you’re not going on your honeymoon right after the wedding, make plans for the day after! Post-wedding blues are common, so hangouts are the perfect way to keep the party going, especially if you have guests from out of town. Keep it casual - go for a hike and bring a picnic, or host a bbq and backyard movie. Or if you’re up for it - take a boat cruise, go to a sporting event, or spend the day at the spa.

You may assume your venue will provide crisp, smooth linens but this is not always the case. Make a note to ask your venue coordinator to steam your linens before your photographers take photos of the space. They'll thank you for it!

Make sure your guests are feeling appreciated and loved! A few ideas - prepare a toast, serve a glass of bubbly upon arrival, provide refreshments in the bathroom, and treats for the ride home. If you’re having an outdoor wedding, provide shade, paper fans and sunscreen, and at night blankets and bug spray. It’s all about the little details so your guests are happy and comfortable all day and night.

It may go without saying, however, breaking in your wedding shoes is an absolute must to make sure you’re comfortable on the day. Use inserts or stick-on cushions to soften pressure points, and consider transparent heel stoppers if you’ll be walking on grass. And just to be on the save side, have an extra pair of comfortable shoes nearby!

Always try to find ways to repurpose florals and décor. Not only will it save you money, it’s also another opportunity to add some sustainability to your day. Just a few ideas - turn your ceremony arch into a backdrop for photos or use behind your sweetheart table. Ask your florist to provide vases for bouquets used during the ceremony to place on the head table. Transition your welcome sign into the seating plan - or make it double sided!

If you’re looking to keep your bouquet as a keepsake, consider ordering a separate bouquet for the toss. This bouquet is typically quite affordable (or make your own!) as it’s smaller in size, making it easier to toss and catch. Traditionally the toss is for your single guests, however an alternative approach is to invite all married couples to the dance floor - have your MC assist to determine the couple that has been married the longest, who then gets the bouquet 

Although ushers aren’t necessary, it’s comforting to know someone is there to greet and escort your guests. Be sure the person(s) you choose will be on time and comfortable engaging with your guests. Most importantly, provide the names of guests who have reserved seats. Then request they lead all other guests to fill up seats starting at the front and moving their way to the back. 

Try to include some element of surprise on your wedding day, as most of the day is well planned out. One way is to have your partner choose the song for your first dance. This could be the song that was playing when you first met, a shared favourite, or one that simply speaks to your relationship. It’s the small romantic gestures and moments that are treasured for a lifetime.

One of my favourite traditions is exchanging a handwritten letter and gift with your significant other on the morning of your wedding day. The gift can be a memorabilia from your relationship such as a photo or piece of jewelry. And don't overthink the letter - simply express your feelings and wishes for the day. Make them smile and look forward to the day ahead. 

Availability, experience, and pricing are typically the fundamentals when hiring vendors. But do you connect with them?

As availability is limited due to the backlog of weddings as a result of the pandemic, I’ve seen couples this year rush to secure vendors. Before moving too fast, make sure you genuinely get along with them and feel at ease. Choose the right team to be by your side on your most magical day.

The day goes by quickly, so make sure you allocate some time to be present and enjoy the day. Truly, one of the best ways to achieve this is by onboarding a wedding day coordinator. Let them take on the role to coordinate with your venue and vendors, make sure all decor is in place, take care of any hiccups, and always being prepared for the next step. This way you know your day will flow exactly as planned, so you can enjoy every moment.