Opt for a florist that can source local and seasonal florals within your desired colour palette. And consider donating your leftover florals to a local senior center or homeless shelter. For decor, find previously loved items, consider renting vs buying, check Facebook wedding groups or Marketplace, or your local second-hand store.

Try to use locally grown ingredients to support your local farmers and limit the distance your food has to travel. Choose ingredients that are in season at the time of your wedding, and consider serving less meat or go plant-based. Buffets can also lead to food waste, so if possible, arrange for food donations to local shelters.

Show your appreciation without being wasteful. If you’re feeling crafty, create packets of wildflower seeds or coffee beans. Or start early to grow and split succulents, which doubles as a nice display table. Etsy also has great options for custom plantable seed paper. Just remember to be mindful when wrapping, avoiding cellophane and plastics.

When pulling your registry together, remember to only choose items you absolutely need.There are plenty of eco-friendly brands to support, and try to choose items from local small businesses if you can. If you’re not in need of material items, perhaps opt for a honeymoon registry or ask for donations to your favourite charity.


Before you book, ask questions! What energy-efficient equipment do you use? Is the food sourced local and is it seasonal? What’s your source of energy and is it renewable? Are waste-reduction measures in place? Also consider the location of your venue in relation to where the majority of your guests will be travelling from. The closer the venue, the smaller the carbon cost from travel.

When you hire all local vendors you significantly reduce your environmental impact. No longer will anyone need to drive long distances for venue visits, check-ins, the day itself, and potentially pick-up the next. When everyone is in close proximity, it makes planning much less time consuming, scheduling is easier, it’s a familiar area for all, car troubles are not likely, and best of all - it keeps vendor costs down. 

The characteristics of your venue should only require some personal touches to make it your own.  The key to keeping waste and costs down is to start early. Visit your local thrift stores and garage sales. Start to collect items to meet your vision like mismatched small vases, mixed metal candle holders, dried flowers, and gently used lace. If you have a handy family member or friend, ask them to build your arbour.

Using less materials and choosing to eliminate single-use plastic during the planning process and on the day helps reduce your carbon footprint. Starting with your invitations, choose natural products and consider a charity registry. Ensure your venue and vendors have a sustainability plan and keep it outside if possible. Rent or reuse decor, choose eco-friendly favours, and limit garbage on the day.

Turn all your stationary into beautiful flowers! There are plenty local businesses that offer seed paper for your save-the-dates, invites, placecards, menus, itineraries, and wedding favours. This biodegradable and zero-waste alternative comes in various designs and colours to compliment your colour pallette. 

Incorporating a unity tree planting ceremony is not only the perfect way to give back to earth, it will also leave you with the ultimate keepsake. Planting a tree on your wedding day symbolizes your relationship as it takes root, grows, and blossoms alongside your marriage. For outdoor weddings, plant the tree in the ground on-site if possible. Or if indoors, use a pot first and relocate. 

If there are multiple guests commuting from the same area, consider arranging an eco-shuttle to reduce your environmental impact. You can also limit the amount of travel by having the same venue for your ceremony and reception, and include a note in the invite to encourage your guests to consider carpooling. Small efforts make a big difference!

There are plenty of pre-loved wedding dresses available for a fraction of the price. Visit a local second-hand wedding dress store, browse Poshmark, or check your local Wedding group on Facebook.