Client Love

"My favourite memory and I think one that best sums up how amazing she is at what she does - I ran into her at one point during the night and said: Things are running so smooth! I feel like not a single problem has come up! She responded: As long as you think that, that's all that matters :)"

"There are tons of little things that needed to be dealt with on your wedding day. Pacing of the day, receiving vendor deliveries, even small details like making sure tables are numbered correctly; we would've gone nuts juggling all that."

"She's always two steps ahead. I remember arriving at our dinner reception, sitting down at our table, and saw that my bouquet was placed in a vase in front of me. The day will be so busy you'll barely remember to eat, much less remember to set up your bouquet."

"We absolutely loved our experience with Joline and Pure Dutch, and would 100% recommend her to anybody"

"Joline managed everything happening behind the scenes so we were able to truly enjoy our day."

"On the day of the wedding it was very reassuring to see Joline there working hard and coordinating with all of our vendors. She helped make everything go smoothly and was always available and open to our last minute questions and concerns."

"Thank you for everything you did to make the wedding soooooo beautiful! It was more than I could have hoped for, you did an incredible job! So thank you, I had the best day ever"

"Joline was one of our favourite vendors to work with and her services are truly invaluable. I can't recommend her enough!"

"Thanks to Joline, I didn't have a single worry on my wedding day. She made sure everything went as planned, and worked behind the scenes so that everything was seamless. I was totally confident knowing she had everything taken care of, and we had the BEST day!"

"Joline was truly a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend Pure Dutch to anyone planning their wedding!"

"Joline was absolutely phenomenal and essential in making our wedding such a success."

"Thank you so much for helping us have the most amazing wedding day! We appreciate all you have done so very much, you were so great."